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Ok so the Persona 4 + Animal Crossing doodle up top here is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever posted to Tumblr, so I decided to take the core idea, add some polish, and put it on a shirt! 

You can buy ~ here ~ as a shirt or sticker!

You too can be the mayor of Inaba and spend all your time catching bugs and fish and ignoring your responsibilities


Ah, so I’m to understand you’re one of YHVH’s most trusted confidants, Michael, head of the Archangels? Those are some okay stats I guess, for law scum.

But check out my Mothman.


-Kazuma Kaneko’s depiction of Yoshitsune and traditional depictions

On the design itself: Yoshitsune is depicted with the Sasarindo (the Minamoto/Genji Kamon).
Kaneko’s design for him is based on the depictions of Yoshitsune as a bishonen and tragic hero see the last picture which is a pic of Takizawa Hideaki from the Taiga dorama Yoshitsune for an example.
The historical Yoshitsune was said to have by unattractive by contemporaries and he is never depicted as handsome in normal portraits.

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And here we see Jack Frost being abducted by a pack of smaller Jack Frosts





wow i can’t believe how much of a persona ripoff this jojo bizarre adventure shit is

fuckin lame, atlus should sue

Please tell me you’re kidding. JJBA was made way before Persona 3. (Jojo’s was…’86? I think? Stardust Crusaders was 1989.) Persona was in ‘99. If anything, Persona ripped of Jojos. 

what the shit are you talking about persona didn’t start until 2006 when persona 3 came out and it’s 2014 and this anime isn’t even out yet get your facts straight nerd

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